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Hot products! + quick update regarding TheLab

Posted by The Lab Crew on

Here at the lab, we provide some of the best products, at some of the best prices.. But what makes us different to the other bike shops? Well we have passionate staff from old to young, who believe in what they sell, who believe in customer service, who believe in this store and who believe in honesty and loyalty, providing the best products for our customers.


You will be pleased to know that we have some new products and some new SALES! As well as our pick of some 'hot' products and recommendations.

New to the store we have Bont cycling shoes! Whilst we love our current stock of Shimano, Sidi and Mizuno, we believe that the Bont's are the best shoes available! And to add to this, we are having a 50% Sale on selected Shimano cycling shoes and Mizuno Running Shoes.

However, there are limited sizes available so be quick! 

To add to the sales.. We are having a 40-60% Sale on selected clothing, excluding BikeLab kit*

And if that's not enough.. All sunglasses are $20 with original prices ranging from $120 to $200!!! Now thats a SALE!

Glasses sale is excluding POC, Adidas and Bianchi*


Now If these sales don't convince you that we are the best bike shop then I might know what will...Maybe some Hot products? 

Some products that we would consider as 'Hot' would have to include:

  • Bianchi Accessories!!! Now who doesn't love a Bianchi watch or bottle to match their beautiful bike! Well at TheLab we offer a huge range of accessories and clothing. So if you want anything Bianchi related to match that amazing bike of yours, make sure you stop by the lab. Our recommendation would definitely have to be the Bianchi Gilet (Wind Vest) and the reason behind our recommendation..? Well I'll let the Beautiful design and the current Sydney (Horendous) weather speak for themselves. 
  • POC - Well there are many reasons that this brand is considered 'Hot'. Some of these reasons are; the clothing is beautiful, designed for safety and high visibility, comfortable, and without a doubt the best clothing out! All products from the POC range are my recommendation. And I can honestly say this because not only do all here at TheLab love it and believe in it, but you will not be disappointed and I guarantee that! It is by far the best looking clothing with many design features such as high visibility logos and colour options. Definitely some products worth coming in and taking a look at!
  • Cycle Ops, Elite and Tacx trainers. With the horrible weather making itself known here in Sydney, I think the cycling trainers speak for themselves. We have a huge range, with trainers ranging from $200 to $900
  • WD-40 Bike Cleaning products. Not only do WD-40 make the best bike products for cleaning, lube, degreaser and more, but this weather calls for some bike maintenance and cleaning! We consider this product as 'Hot' as WD-40 provide a huge range with products ranging from Bike Wash to Degreaser to Frame Protectant, and if your going to be riding in this weather then your going to be wanting some great cleaning products to get that beloved bike back to its showroom shine condition!


This is it for the week! But we will be writing more Blogs like this with 'hot products', recommendations and general updates on our shop.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding products, or just come in and have a chat! 




Harry, TheLab@EQ






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