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BMC Impec Frameset

BMC Impec Frameset

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BMC Impec Frame, available in-store

The Impec is 'handmade by machines' at BMC's factory in Grenchen, Switzerland. Just like clock work with Swiss precision, the BMC Impec is right on time! The Impec is built for speed on a platform of pure performance. The "Super car" of bikes! The BMC Impec is engineered with *futuristic technology*. The seamless LSW (Load Specifc Weave) gives BMC the manufacturing freedom to create the pefect tube-set. Individually designing each tube with a single purpose in mind. Power translation! The all new cutting edge *half shell* technology or SNC (Shell Node Concept) takes BMC to the next level of what is possible in today's carbon industry. Insight from companies such as Lamborghini have helped BMC re-invent the future of cycling. This model has been specifically engineered for mechanical group-sets. 

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