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HED Jet Disc

HED Jet Disc

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The HED. disc is where it all began, and in 2011 the Jet Disc took the world TT championship.


What makes a wheel better?  

Lighter, stiffer, stronger,  faster ... any of these are an improvement.  

With our new construction technology, the Jet Disc is all of these. Jet discs are a hybrid wheel, built with spokes for strength and durability.  When the substrate wheel is completed, trued,  and stress relieved, disc sides are bonded to the hub rim and spokes.  With a two part building process, the disc sides can be made lighter and shaped more readily, without losing any strength.

The new disc incorporates a toroidal bulge near the rim and a radius on the large transition leading from the hub to the bulge.  These shapes make the Jet Disc  not only faster than the Standard disc, they make it faster than any other disc. ...... faster then most competitors tubular discs.


Pure speed - it will never get old. 


  • Light weight 3K carbon aero section
  • Skewer, rim tape and valve extender included
  • Clincher or Alloy Tubular
  • Rider weight limit 190lbs
  • Stallion build available for riders 191-225lbs
  • Available in Pro+ Power Tap
  • Width: 23mm
  • Weights (g):Rear: 1300
  • Color Customization Options