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Kask Helmet Vertigo Black/Azzurro

Kask Helmet Vertigo Black/Azzurro

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The Kask Vertigo is a great helmet made by Kask. With its superior quality, Italian styling and flashy colours, the Vertigo is an excellent helmet that looks as good as it feels—which is why it’s the preferred helmet of the riders of Team Sky, some of the top professional riders in the world. Made with safety in mind, the Vertigo sports a reinforced frame as well as internal moulding that provides superior impact protection, keeping your head safe in case of a hard fall or collision. The designers at Kask used high visibility material on the shell and other key points on the helmet, increasing visibility and reducing the chances of collisions in low light conditions.



In-Moulding System:
    The innovative “In moulding” system, joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, ensures a better shock absorption.
  • Strengthening Frame: In case of shock it allows to avoid the breakage of the helmet into pieces.
  • Up & Down: The unique double pivot design allows the back of the head to be cradled by the straps, which are then easily tightened to the correct tension by a central ratchet wheel. This fit system combined with a very breathable, non-slip, GEL internal liner ensures top performance for the user.
  • 3D Dry Padding: Open cell construction ensures maximum comfort and performance at all times. A huge amount of ventilation holes in the padding that reduces the head-to-pad contact area by 70% over standard designs. 5mm thick padding material drawing moisture away from the head, moving it to the outer part of the helmet for fast evaporation.
  • Eco-Leather Chinstrap: Chin pad with eco-leather chinstrap. The anti allergic and washable chinstrap is extremely comfortable and helps to avoid irritation of the skin.
  • Gel: Internal liner made of non-slip, anti-allergic and antibacterial gel for superior performance.

The Vertigo has a unique Up-N-Down adjustment system that enables you to easily get a perfect fit. The central ratchet and the double pivot design allow the helmet to cradle the riders’ head and the self-adjusting lateral divider further ensures a perfect fit. The Kask Vertigo was designed not only to provide a great fit, but also to deliver optimal airflow, making this a very comfortable helmet as well. 24 large vents are arranged to force air through the helmet and the non-stick pads at the neck lift the helmet and allow ventilation, which helps keep air flowing over the internal padding, keeping you cool. By dissipating heat and wicking away sweat, the Vertigo remains comfortable for even the longest epic rides. With its innovative design and remarkable styling, it’s no wonder why Team Sky prefers the Kask Vertigo — imagine what it could do for you!



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